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Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Karli and Amy for oh hey Friday! It’s good to get back into blogging…it’s been a while (well, it seems like it but it’s only been two weeks).  I recently switched my blog address to harperandwill.com, so if you were following me on my old blog, please follow along at my new blog address. My blog has a nifty little bloglovin’ button at the side (at the bottom of my blog if you’re viewing it on a mobile device), so you can click there to follow along.

{one} At the beach this summer, my brother helped me switch my blog over to my own self-hosted one (actually, he is the one hosting it and knows a whole lot more about blogs and hosting than I do, ha!). This enabled me to purchase a cute blog template from Etsy for my new blog! I found some pretty blogs on Etsy from Caked Designs and customized mine with coral and navy (one of my fave color combos).  If you’re searching for a new blog template, I highly recommend Jessa from Caked Designs. Her prices are very reasonable and she was great to work with! I loved that she installed it and set up everything for me…I would have had no idea how to install it myself, ha! Like I said, I’m not that blog literate and it’s amazing that I’m able to figure out how to write blog posts and add pictures:) Just the basics, people, just the basics! Anyway, I’m loving the new design and features of my blog! It now has icons for email, Pinterest, Instagram, and Bloglovin’. I’m still not sure how/if there’s a way to redirect my email followers from my old blog to the new one. Any advice on that? Or on redirecting from my old address to my new one? Thanks!


{two} Cookie.butter.ice.cream. Trader Joe’s (one of my obsessions) recently started selling this ice cream, which is so yummy! It’s a vanilla ice cream with swirls of cookie butter and cookie butter chunks. If you haven’t had cookie butter or the ice cream, you’re missing out!IMG_5710.JPG{three} Mud puddles! Harper and Will loved jumping in the puddles the other evening on our walk to find caterpillars. Now that school has started, our evening time is even more precious (not that it wasn’t before, but when I’m not with my kiddos all day, I really want to maximize my time with them). I miss summer like crazy but am excited about my favorite season coming up-fall!IMG_5681.JPG{four} Reading books with daddy…my sweet family. IMG_5661.JPG{five} Playing outside after church…these sweeties will play all day long in the rocks and dirt. Forget about the toys-rocks are much more fun!IMG_5629.JPGI hope y’all have a wonderful weekend:)

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