{a day in the life // summer edition}


Now that I’ve been back to work for a month, I thought I’d better finish my day in the life // summer edition post! I took a ton of pics and took notes of what we did on a summer day so I could document it, but I’m just now getting around to writing the post.  So here goes!

A day in the life // July 29, 2014

8:11am: I wake up and hear Harper and Will chattering in the baby monitors.  Throughout the summer, they have been waking up between 7-8:15, and I’ve been taking advantage of sleeping in as well! Harper uses the potty (yay! We’re just starting the whole potty training process with her) and both kids hop in bed with me.

8:20am: I run downstairs to get Harper and Will a small bowl of Trader Joe’s version of froot loops and water.  They sit in bed and snack on cheerios and play with the iPads while I get a shower.


Books on my nightstand that have been sitting there for a while…I haven’t gotten that into a novel lately but would like to.IMG_4734.JPG

Clothes laid out for the day…one of the ways I prep things the night before to save time.IMG_4736.JPG

8:40am: We head downstairs for breakfast.  The kiddos have leftover waffles, blueberries, and yogurt. I eat some yogurt and put the dishes away while they eat. Harper is a very SLOW eater.  She’s usually the last to finish; actually, she’s always the last to finish, but that’s fine with me! It gives me the chance to clean up the kitchen while she finishes eating. IMG_4739-0.JPG


After Will finishes eating, he puts his dishes in the dishwater and his water in the fridge. IMG_4750.JPG

Dishes to be put away.IMG_4743-0.JPG

9:12am: Harper has finished with breakfast, so she and Will play fire truck in the living room while I finish cleaning up.  Will tries to teach Harper her numbers and they practice counting together.


9:43am: We head upstairs to brush our teeth and get dressed for the day.  IMG_4768.JPG

Harper takes a rest while I get ready.IMG_4764.JPG

Mommy and me selfie:)



9:57am: All dressed, teeth brushed, played in the bonus room for a few minutes. Now it’s out the door for storytime. On this particular day, we head out and about five minutes later, Will asks for a tissue. At a stop sign, I reach back and hand him a tissue and notice that he has a bloody nose-his first.  There’s blood everywhere. Yuck. I turn the car around and we head home. Luckily, the bleeding stopped and we got back in the car again and head to storytime.


10:27am: Rushing in to storytime, just in the nick of time.



10:42am: Storytime craft. After storytime, we check out some books and head to our favorite toy store. IMG_4799.JPG

11:20am: We arrive at Pufferbellies to play for a little while. I pick up a gift for our neighbor’s son for his 3rd birthday.  IMG_4813.JPG

We always take a ride on Sandy at Pufferbellies!IMG_4825.JPG


Our big stack of library books we checked out!


12:02pm: We stop by the bank briefly to cash a check. IMG_4829.JPG

12:07pm: Then I decide to stop by a local Goodwill to see if they have any cool houseware items for some fun Pinterest project. I always read other blogs where they find the coolest things at their Salvation Army or Goodwill.  No such luck for me:(IMG_4833.JPG

12:38pm: Home at last. Time for lunch and naps.


The gift for our neighbor. IMG_4853.JPG


Reading books while mommy cleans up from lunch. IMG_4849.JPG

1:09pm: Lunch is done and so are dishes.  Both Harper and Will are tired, so it’s time for naps. I get Harper in her sleep sack and read a book to both kiddos. Then Will heads to his room while I put Harper down.  IMG_4865.JPG

1:18pm: Snuggles with mommy. It took him a while to fall asleep today.IMG_4877.JPG

2:21pm: Both kids asleep, I’m ready for some “me time!”  I first pay some bills, organize the house, tag some clothes for an upcoming consignment sale. Then I’m ready to take a break for a little and read some blogs.



2:59pm: I write a blog post for a few minutes.


3:28pm: I work on Will’s 4th year photo book. I finished Harper’s earlier in the summer but want to finish his by the end of the summer.


3:58pm: Harper is awake, so I take her right to the potty. She has been using the potty in the morning when she wakes up and again right after nap. Other than that, she has no interest in using the potty and I haven’t really been pushing the issue with her. We read a few books and I fold some laundry. Harper tries to help!IMG_4897.JPG



4:06pm: I have to wake up Will, which is unusual.  He must have been really tired! I don’t like to let the kiddos sleep past four; otherwise, their evening sleep schedule will be thrown off. I put on a Caillou for them to watch, per Will’s request (I cannot stand the whiny voice of Caillou!). I really limit the amount of TV and electronic time my kids have. There are many days when the TV isn’t on at all. Other days, I let them watch one show. It’s helpful if I really need to get something done (like make dinner) without interruption. IMG_4903.JPG

4:53: We head outside for a fun sensory activity I found on Pinterest. I used our water table and sprayed an entire can of shaving cream in it (which was lots of fun to do, by the way!). I then took Kool-Aid packets of various colors and sprinkled them on the shaving cream. Such a fun sensory activity! I’m fortunate that Harper doesn’t stick anything in her mouth, so I didn’t have to worry about her eating the shaving cream. You could try this activity with whipped topping in case your kiddos are younger and/or put things in their mouth. By the end of this activity, Harper was in her diaper and Will just wore his shorts. Their hands were stained purple and red for a while!IMG_4914.JPG

IMG_4924.JPG5:48pm: All cleaned up, in for dinner (leftovers).  Daddy’s home from work (he got home around 4:45).


6:24pm: After dinner, we clean up and relax for a few minutes while the kids play fire truck again.

6:44pm: We decide to take a walk to see our favorite horse and donkey, Shadow and Isaac (our neighbor’s animals).



IMG_4964.JPG7:30pm: We’re back from our walk and play outside and eat a snack before bed.


8:03pm: We head inside to get ready for bed-teeth brushed, jammies on, read a few stories.



9:00pm: Both kids are asleep.  I always put Harper to bed and my husband puts Will down each night.  Time to read some blogs and visit with my hubby!




10:00pm: I check on the kids and head to bed. Night!

{After writing this post, I really miss summer. I’m very fortunate that I’m able to be a “stay-at-home mom” in the summer. I can’t imagine working year round and would love to stay home more with my kids, but am very glad I have off in the summer with them.  This was a typical summer day for us-we usually went out in the mornings to storytime, the local peach orchard, the park, etc.  It was a blast!}


  1. Loved reading about your day!

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