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On Saturday, we just happened to be outside and saw our farmer neighbors (the ones who own the dairy farm across the road from us) chopping corn.  We had always wanted to watch them cut the corn up close and personal, so we headed across the road to observe (even though it was after 2 and both Will and Harper were so ready for a nap).  It just so happened that our farmer neighbor, M., was in a dump truck waiting for her turn to fill up with chopped corn.  She saw us and invited us in the truck for a ride. My husband hopped in the truck with Will and Harper while I watched and took pictures.  That corn chopper was HUGE! It was so neat to watch how well orchestrated the corn chopping was.  Once M’s truck was full of chopped corn (I’m sure there’s a better, more technical term-silage?!-but I’m far from a farm girl! I know there’s some of you out there who are laughing at what seems like a city girl living on a farm…however, I did grow up in the country.  We just had a tree farm, not an animal farm, ha!)  she motioned for me to hop in the truck as well.  We all squeezed in the truck and headed up the road to the dairy farm to drop off the silage. The kids (and my husband and I) had a blast! Will and Harper clutched the ear of corn that M. had shucked for them and looked out the window, taking it all in.

After the load of silage had been dumped off, we headed back up the road, but this time, to another corn field.  It was way past nap time and I was afraid that we’d be stuck in the truck for another several loads. I finally asked M. if she could drop us off or let us out so we could walk back home since it was nap time.  She took us back across the field where we walked home.  Such a fun time and great experiences for the kiddos!

IMG_6102-0.JPGLast night, we headed out for a walk with our neighbors and decided to collect any remaining corn cobs for Grandaddy’s horses (our babysitter, Nana’s father).





Fun times!


  1. oh that is a neat experience! Lucky to live somewhere with such fun things just outside your door!

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