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Happy Friday! This week has flown by! I’ve been super busy at work with so much to do, which is nice since it makes the work day go by so fast! I’m linking up with Karli and Amy for oh hey friday//fall edition!

{one} Fall books! I organized our books recently and pulled out all the fall themed books that we have.  We’ve been reading them each night before bed. I love to create holiday theme book collections throughout the year! It’s especially fun to look at all the fall themed books displayed at book stores!


{two} Pumpkin bread! Yum! I found a delicious recipe that calls for vanilla pudding mix. The vanilla pudding mix, combined with an added teaspoon of vanilla extract, made for a yummy bread! I love that it made two loaves-I gave part of one to our babysitter to enjoy.  It was almost like a pumpkin cake and would have been even more delicious with a homemade cream cheese frosting! What are some of your favorite pumpkin desserts?IMG_5965.JPG

{three} Last weekend, I pulled out some fall decorations for our mantle.  I kept it simple but wanted to add some pretty fall colors to our home.  Will enjoyed helping me decorate:)IMG_5967.JPG



{four} Fall clothes! I’m loving the cooler weather and the fact that I’m able to dress the kiddos in layers.  Harper wore a short sleeve dress with a cardigan and leggings last weekend.  Here she is running around outside playing.  I love layering with leggings, sweaters, and vests! By the way, her adorable dress (below) was purchased on Instagram.  I love purchasing consignment clothes on IG…and yes, I’m still working on the post about  buying kids’ clothes on IG…I’ve been so busy with work and kind of in a blogging lull lately.  I’ve been able to do the oh hey friday post and then just managing about one other post per week.  Too much to do:)IMG_5954-0.JPG

{five} Halloween pajamas! I purchased matching Halloween pajamas at Old Navy for Harper and Will! I never get to dress them identical, so I jumped at the chance to put them in matching pjs (and may try to do the same thing for Christmas, if I can find a pair that is neutral enough).  I’m hoping someone has a fun Halloween pajama link up (hint, hint, Darci!) this year.  Last year, my kiddos didn’t have cute Halloween pjs so I decided to jump at the chance and purchase these festive pjs early in September.  That way, they will get lots of wear out of them!  IMG_5938-0.JPGI hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I need to start preparing my fall bucket list and get on board with several fun blog link-ups this October, like the one Courtney from Sweet Turtle Soup  and Jenny from The Chronicles of We are co-hosting! Go check it out!


  1. Love the Fall/Halloween books! We picked some out at the library this week! :)

  2. I love to put out books in holiday themes as well. The bins are getting full so i was just thinking I should get more and then rotate my books this weekend. It helps me not to forget which holiday books we have. Those fall/Halloween books you have look cute! I might have to research those titles. :)

  3. I love how your books are organized by holiday! It is my daughter’s first Fall and I think we need to get her some Fall books. =0) Stopping by from the link-up!

  4. Yessss! Halloween books. I should really get something together for Aria’s room to display her books – the ever popular pic ledges people use from Ikea or something like that. We don’t have any of those, do you love them all?
    I just made some chocolate pumpkin bread (which is all gone already) and it was out of this world – I found it on what megan’s making food blog. mm mm good.
    I hope somebody has a pj link up too! Darci isn’t blogging atm, but she had co hosts I think so hopefully somebody will do it. I already have a pj photo shoot in my planner haha. I’m ready!
    And so fun that you could do matching jams this year. I hope you can do Christmas too. So cute!

    • I love those ledges or spice racks (from Ikea) that people use. I’ve always wanted to put some up but haven’t gotten around to it. Yum! I will have to check out the chocolate pumpkin bread! Darci is back to blogging, so I’m hoping she has the Halloween pj link up again!

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