Holiday Fun


It’s hard to believe that Christmas and New Year’s are over…I have had such a fun time staying at home with my family.  I’ve been off of work since December 19th and my husband has been home since December 23rd. Tomorrow, we both go back to work and the kiddos go to the baby-sitter’s…back to our ( as normal as possible-see below) routines.  It’s going to be hard since I’ve been with them for over two weeks.  With that said, I’m sharing a few of our fun memories/activities from our holiday.

Building train tracks at Grammy and Grandaddy’s.

IMG_8018.JPGBuilding a race track at Mimi and Grandaddy’s. IMG_7955.JPG

Tea party at Grammy’s (using Mommy’s old tea set) with peppermint tea!IMG_8059.JPG

Playing outside with sticks.


Painting at Grammy’s. IMG_8057.JPG

Finding corn cobs to feed to the cows.IMG_8070.JPG

Playing at the library and finding all sorts of new books to read.



Wagon rides with daddy!IMG_8068.JPG

Taking care of Will’s class hermit crabs.IMG_8091.JPG

Reading books together…I love this pic:)IMG_8093.JPG

Playing with homemade peppermint play dough.IMG_8130.JPG

Playing kitchen.IMG_8127.JPG

Enjoying some time outside on not too cold days.IMG_8104.JPG


Pipe cleaner fun! Will and Harper love playing with pipe cleaners and colanders. So easy but lots of fun!IMG_8156.JPG

Playing games on the Wii with daddy.IMG_8161.JPG

Enjoying ice cream at one of our favorite local ice cream places.IMG_8192.JPG

More playing outside.

IMG_8134.JPGWe’ve greatly enjoyed our time together and have loved not being on a specific routine.  We were able to sleep in most days, play all morning in our jammies, and not be on a set schedule.  How many more days until summer?! Ha!

On a more serious note, we will be facing some difficulties and changes to our child care routine. Our babysitter’s husband recently found out he has cancer and they left yesterday for five+ weeks at Duke for treatments.  Typing this makes me break down and cry…our babysitter and her husband are like our children’s grandparents, and they love our kids as though they are their own grandchildren.  We’re going to piece together babysitting with a lady who helps our current babysitter, and we have several back-up people who are able to watch our children as well.  It’s going to be a difficult road, but I’m praying that we will all get through it and that he can beat cancer.

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