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Happy Friday! I’m linking up with DarciChristinaApril, and Natasha for 5 on Friday and Karli and Amy for oh hey friday. So.ready.for.the.weekend!

{one} Will and Harper started swim lessons last Saturday at the Y.  I was able to schedule their classes at the exact same time, which was so nice. Harper is in a parent/child class, so I was in the pool with her. Will was in a different class, so his daddy stayed by the pool and watched him.  We briefly did swim lessons with Will when he was three at another local pool but after two classes, the swim instructor quit and they didn’t hire another person.  Since then, we haven’t had any lessons (and Harper has never taken lessons).  Both kiddos were very hesitant at first, but after a few minutes in the pool, they warmed up (not literally…the pool was cold and the temp outside was like less than 20 degrees…brrr).  Swim lessons are the perfect winter activity since there’s not a lot of outside playtime/exercise that we can do in the cold winter months.


{two} I’m loving the free app, Red Stamp. It’s the best app for making fun, seasonal digital cards.  Below are just a few of the Valentine’s Day cards they have.  I randomly make cards on Red Stamp using pics of the kiddos and text them to family and friends. Red Stamp also has a feature where you can purchase actual cards, but I’ve only used the digital cards so far.


{three} Last weekend after swim lessons, we headed home to visit the grandparents.  Will and Harper’s cousin, O. flew in from Colorado with his dad. My brother, O’s dad, had a business trip so he visited my parents for a few days, then left O. with my parents for the week to visit.  Harper and Will had a blast playing with O and both sets of grandparents.  IMG_8282.JPG

{four} Homemade donuts…yum! While we were home last weekend, we made homemade donuts with my parents.  Making homemade donuts each winter (usually in Feb. but this year it was earlier since we were happened to be home in Jan.) is a tradition that my family has done for years…since I was little. I love these fun family traditions and especially like sharing them with Will and Harper.  IMG_8305.JPG


{five} I asked my dad if he could make a dollhouse for Harper’s third birthday.  I browsed Pinterest searching for the perfect one but remembered this dollhouse from Young House Love and wanted to see if he could replicate it.  Sure enough, he constructed this dollhouse that looks very similar to the one on Young House Love. We took it home with us and it’s currently covered up in a closet…we want it to be a surprise for Harper.  Her birthday isn’t until March but I need to start painting the dollhouse and decorating the walls with decorative paper and gift wrap.  I’m also planning Harper’s third birthday party around a dollhouse theme, though I haven’t been able to come up with many ideas so far. Any suggestions?  IMG_8296.JPGHappy Friday:)


  1. What a beautiful dollhouse!! i can’t wait to see pics of Harper playing with it!

  2. We are about to begin swim lessons at the Y as well! You are right, it is the perfect winter activity. The doll house looks fantastic, I can’t wait to see it decorated!

  3. cute kids and cute cards!! love.

  4. Must check out the Red Stamp app and what a cool dollhouse your dad made! My daughter has been asking for a big dollhouse, but we just don’t have the space for one at the moment.

    • Yes, check out Red Stamp! We’re running out of room for toys…we will need to rearrange things to find a place for the dollhouse:)

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