“Mommy, I’m bored”//a fun solution to this all too familiar problem


“Mommy, I’m bored,” my son whines to me.  Although he and his sister have lots of toys to play with, he frequently wanders around the house complaining that he’s bored.  I remember seeing a toddler date night jar on “Life in the Green House” blog (check out her blog!) and wanted to create one full of activities for my preschooler. After searching Pinterest, I found tons of activities for children when they’re bored.  I used several lists and came up with activities that were 1) relatively easy to do, 2) cheap or free and 3) independent (though I did include some family activities).  From Pinterest, I got the idea to color code the activities using washi tape.  I used leftover washi tape from Harper’s 2nd birthday as well as a mason jar from her party.   Add popsicle sticks and a sharpie and you’re all set to create this easy craft!


I color coded the popsicle sticks and separated the activities into four categories: 1) family activities, 2) things we can create, 3) outside play time, and 4) quiet time/independent play. I put a piece of washi tape around each popsicle stick to indicate the particular category (and also for decoration).


I then went through my lists and selected the activities that would work best for us.  Under family activities, I added the following:

-perform a magic show
-play a board game
-play at the park
-picnic indoors
-watch a movie
-go to the library
-feed the ducks at the park
-bake with mommy


For things we can create, I added lots…Will loves to create and construct all sorts of things:

-create a book
-make popcorn
-paint with water
-invent something new
-make play dough
-make paper airplanes
-potato prints
-collect pinecones/make things with them
-draw a new planet
-make pet rocks
-paint with Q-tips
-bath tub paints
-make something from a paper towel roll
-make a pipe cleaner sculpture
-create a masterpiece out of your name
-paint a rainbow
-make a poster
-make up a new game
-make ice cream
-paint a picture


For outside play time…
-run around the house
-dig in the dirt
-search for bugs
-go for a walk
-fly a kite with dad
-plant seeds
-splash in the puddles
-play catch
-blow bubbles
-draw with chalk
-play in the rocks
-make leaf prints
-make an obstacle course
-look for birds
-play hopscotch


I especially wanted activities that Will could do quietly and independently while Harper takes naps.  Will is phasing out of naps and it’s hard to keep him quiet while his sister sleeps.

-dress up
-tidy your room
-play with dried pasta
-play restaurant
-play with legos
-write a letter
-play house
-build with Plus Plus blocks
-make shadow puppets
-play with play dough
-make a gift
-practice writing letters
-practice writing numbers
-do a puzzle
-organize toys
-build a train track
-read books


This is the completed jar! I love how it turned out and can’t wait for Will (and Harper) to use it!


What are your favorite “I’m bored” activities for kiddos?! I’d love to hear them:)Saturday Spotlight


  1. This is a great idea! Great way to organize activities and I bet its fun for the kiddos to pick something out of the jar!! Definitely will keep this in mind!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. Cute idea!!! Those are lots of good ideas!

  3. This idea is great!! I’m totally going to do this when Scarlett get’s a bit older!

    Thanks for linking up with us this week! xo

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