Five on Friday!


Happy Friday! I’m linking up with DarciChristinaApril, and Natasha for 5 on Friday and Karli and Amy for oh hey friday. Since I didn’t write an official Easter blog post, here’s a quick recap of our Easter and spring break.

{one} Harper and Will enjoyed dyeing Easter eggs. I had bought a natural dye coloring kit from our local toy store last Easter and didn’t end up using it. Instead, we dyed eggs using Kool-Aid (which works well and creates very pretty colors). So we dyed our eggs this year with the natural dye kit. As you can see, Will’s favorite color is orange.  Harper wanted all of hers to be blue and purple.   

{two}  Our Easter picture! We even set up the tripod and took a picture of all four of us, but I’m too lazy right now to actually upload the pics on our computer. So, this picture of three of us from my iPhone will have to do! 

{three}  Will’s preschool pictures this year once again involved cute ducklings! I snapped this pic of the proofs and think they turned out adorable, though Will really needs to work on his smile:) Ha! He loved holding the ducklings and enjoyed getting to pick out his own rubber ducky.  I ordered a copy of his preschool class picture and just a few pictures of the proof on the right to give to the grandparents.  Boy, the picture packages are pricy!

{four} Over spring break, the kiddos enjoyed some free ice cream at a local ice cream shop in exchange for drawing a picture to enter in their Easter coloring contest. Free ice cream=a win! My hubby and I also enjoyed some delicious ice cream (I got raspberry-a fave!).  IMG_0005.JPG{five} Last year, I started an Easter tradition of making brunch after church. This year, I made a loaded baked potato frittata, roasted asparagus, and a cream cheese danish.  Doing a brunch is so much easier than making a big dinner, especially when it’s just the four of us. IMG_0046.JPG

I hope y’all have a great weekend:)


  1. Will’s preschool picture is too cute! He is so adorable.

  2. I’ve never heard of dying eggs with kool-aid, but what a fabulous idea! That frittata looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing the link to the recipe!

  3. Free ice cream just for drawing a picture? Where can I get in on that?! lol.

    The pictures with the ducklings!! too cute!

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