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Happy Friday! I’m linking up with DarciChristinaApril, and Natasha for 5 on Friday and Karli and Amy for oh hey friday. It feels like I haven’t had the chance to blog much the past few months…just too busy with work, kiddos, and life in general. But that’s ok:) I have so much I want to recap but by the time the kiddos are in bed in the evenings, all I want to do is chill and visit with the hubby, read some blogs, and browse Instagram and Pinterest.  Hopefully I will have more time this summer when I’m off:)

One // My husband went with Will on his preschool spring field trip a few weeks ago. They visited a local creamery (that we visited last summer on our own) and a nearby airport. Here’s Will petting the calves. It was cool, but I guess we’re kinda used to cows since we live next to a dairy farm and frequently have cows loose on the run in our yard. Anyway, I’m so glad my husband got to experience a preschool field trip with our son. I went on Will’s fall field trip to the pumpkin patch and Will’s grandparents are coming over in a few weeks to go on his last field trip of the year.

Two // Bubble fun! We love our bubbles around here, but I’m in search of a good bubble wand/tool that little kiddos can use without spilling the bubble solution. Harper always wants to blow bubbles independently but the majority of the time she spills the solution, then gets upset and cries. Boo. Any suggestions?   

Three //We’ve visited our local farmer’s market twice so far this season and love it! We make it a weekend tradition to head to the farmer’s market, purchase some local produce, and stop by a coffee shop for drinks for the parents and a muffin for the kiddos. Oh, and always a stop at our local toy store!  

Four // Piggy Paint! I painted Harper’s nails earlier in the week. I’m amazed that she lets me paint them, considering she gives me the biggest fit when I try to put her hair up in different ways. While I like the Piggy Paint, it seems to come off easily. Any suggestions for other natural nail polish brands? 

Five // We broke out our water table last weekend! The kiddos were so excited to play with their water toys again, and I was glad it was warm enough to wear shorts! Fun times! We’ve definitely gotten our money’s worth out of the water table. I’m going to search Pinterest to see what sorts of water table activities we can try this summer. Last summer, I made a concoction of shaving cream and kool aid as a fun sensory activity. We dumped it all in the water table and let the kiddos play in it.   

Have a super weekend!


  1. How adorable is your daughter with her painted toe nails – she looks gorgeous! We love going to the farmers markets here – always lots of lovely fresh produce I can’t get hold of in the supermarket. Have a great weekend

  2. Try Fubbles. I’ve seen them everywhere and they are a container that helps in making it a little harder to spill. At least in large quantities.

  3. Stopping by from the link up. We have a Gazillion Bubble machine and LOVE it. Although my daughter can’t actually hold it and use it, the thing literally spews out a gazillion bubbles and my daughter goes nuts every time we turn it on. Amazon has it: For nail polish, I discovered Ella + Mila a few months ago and that’s what we’ve been using for my daughter.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. How adorable are your kiddos! I am SO ready for warm weather, out of the house activities!! Happy weekend!

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