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Happy Wednesday! I’m linking up today with The Larson Lingo for a new monthly link-up. Here goes!

What I’m loving…all the beautiful flowers and wonderful spring weather, though lately it’s been cold here in Virginia. We’ve been enjoying nice spring walks with the kiddos and love seeing all the pretty flowers.

What I’m working on…sorting through our endless piles of kids’ books. I pulled out all of our children’s books and sorted into piles. I organized and put away specific holiday theme books for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. I also made a pile of books that are not our favorites and will donate them. 

What we’re eating this week…I made some delicious grilled veggie burritos from The Pioneer Woman on Sunday. Yum! They turned out great and full of flavor! This week, I also made pasta with pesto (which the kids love) and roasted asparagus from Nana’s garden. 

What I’ve been reading…or actually listening to. In order to use my time more wisely, I have been listening to books on CD in the car on the drive to and from work. I’ve listened to a variety of books over the past few weeks, and currently I’m loving Water for Elephants. I recently finished Gone Girl, which was super twisted but highly engaging. Now I’m on hold for The Girl on the Train. What books do you recommend?

What I’m reminiscing about…my sweet kiddos and how fast time flies. I can’t believe how old they are getting! Harper turned three in March and Will turns five on Friday! Love my kiddos:)

What else I’ve been working on…since I have a slight addiction to buying consignment clothes on Instagram, I started selling my kids’ clothing on Kidizen (an app) to earn some extra money to put towards clothes. My shop’s name is Harper&Will’s Closet. Come check it out! Below are several of Harper’s outgrown dresses that I have posted in my shop on Kidizen.


  1. I’ve tried Kidzen, but only sold one thing! Sometimes I have better luck in facebook groups! I feel like stuff sits on Kidzen forever! I’m trying on my personal instagram w/ no such luck! Have you done a post with any tips?

    • Hmm…I haven’t tried the Facebook groups but Kidizen has worked well for me. I haven’t written a post about tips on selling clothes on Kidizen but I should! I’ve thought about selling on IG but you have to get such a big following for it to work well. That’s what I like about Kidizen…some of that work is already done for you!

  2. Those tunics are adorable and in such cheerful prints! I have a few boxes of children’s books I also need to sort through. Did you get distracted and end up reading any of them?

  3. Ahhh, the endless books! I need to go through ours, my girls are much older and don’t read any of them anymore, oops! I never heard of buying clothes on Instagram, hmmm, might have to look into it.

    • Oh yes, the endless books. You should check out buying clothes on IG…there’s a whole world of consignment clothes out there!

  4. That salsa looks YUMMY!
    The Girl on the Train is going to be my next book also!
    Thanks for linking up with us!!!! :)

  5. I zone out books on tape much too easily. All of a sudden I’ll tune back in and be like oh man what just happened?! I’m reading The Widow Waltz atm, definitely not a page turner though as I started it in Feb. Good enough to keep going though.

    • Ha! That happens to me sometimes as well! I haven’t heard of that book you’re reading…if it’s not a page turner for you, I will definitely not get through it!

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