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Happy Friday! I’m linking up with April for 5 on Friday and Karli and Amy for oh hey friday.

one// This girl is potty trained! I am so proud of how Harper has done the past few weeks with potty training:) We started a few weeks ago with her wearing pull ups and after she went 20 days without any accidents, she was able to earn several toys at our local toy store (she also earned small rewards on a daily basis for using the potty-Skittles and iPad time). Harper was so proud each evening when she earned a sticker for her reward chart and was so excited to be able to “cash in” the chart for three (small) toys from her fave toy store. Mommy’s so excited to be done with diapers after having kiddos in diapers straight for the past five+ years (with an overlap of a year with two in diapers).

two// Cousin fun! Harper and Will’s cousins, O. and N., are visiting from Colorado! They stayed at our house last weekend and the kiddos enjoyed some fun times together. We explored a local cave, played at a playground, and grilled out for dinner. Fun times! three//Babywearing! Even though Harper is three, she still loves to be carried in my Ergo. She’s so light that it’s very easy to carry her around, especially when she’s on my  back. I grabbed the baby carrier at the last minute as we headed out with the cousins to explore a local cave, and I’m so glad I did. It was around Harper’s nap time and she was grouchy. She ended up falling asleep on the cave tour.

IMG_3031-0.jpgfour//I know I’ve mentioned this several times on my blog, but I just love selling my kiddos’ old clothes and buying via Instagram or Kidizen. You should check out the free Kidizen app and search for some great deals on kids’ clothes! My shop’s name is Harper&Will’s Closet. Lately, I’ve been finding some super cute clothes on the app. Below is a recent mail day…cute Mini Boden tops for Harper and some nice shirts for Will from Crewcuts. five//Yummy food! We are going to spend more time with our cousins and family this weekend, so in preparation, I’ve been making lots of yummy food (I’m known for bringing the dessert to get-togethers!), including monkey munch (that’s what we call it but there’s lots of other names for it), peanut butter pie, lemonade pie, and zucchini bread. Lately, I’ve been on a Pioneer Woman cooking kick. I just love her blog and recipes! The peanut butter pie is one of my fave desserts from her blog. On the menu next week, I plan on making her cajun chicken pasta and grilled veggie burritos! She has a new cookbook coming out this fall full of dinner recipes, which I’m super excited about! What are some of your favorite PW recipes?    
Happy Friday:)

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