Stitch Fix Review #1


By now, I’m sure that everyone has heard of Stitch Fix. It’s the super fun, online personal stylists who review your style and ship you a “fix,” a box full of lovely clothing for you to try on in the convenience of your own home. I love how convenient the whole process is, especially since it’s so difficult to find time with little kiddos to get out by myself to go shopping.  I received my first Stitch Fix back in 2013 but never fully blogged about it. I recently received my second Fix and wanted to share with you the wonderful clothes I received!

The process is so easy…I filled out a quick style quiz, wrote a note to my stylist with specific items I was looking for (and what I did not want), and made sure my style Pinterest board was updated. I selected when I wanted to receive my fix, and voila, soon after I received a box of five clothing items.  When the fix ships, you can go online and peek at the items in your box. However tempting that was, I resisted since I wanted to be surprised.

My box arrived after work one day last week, and I slowly peeked at the items. The box contains a personal note from your stylist as well as style cards that show different ways to wear the clothes.

  I just love how nice and pretty everything looks…all so neatly packaged! Immediately, I loved all of the patterns in the box and was hoping I’d love how the clothes fit me.

Please note: I hate taking pics of myself, so these aren’t the best:( Ignore the dirty mirror in the bathroom!

Item #1: 41Hawthorn Renesme Graphic Print Dress.  I specifically told my stylist that I was looking for a dress to wear to work this fall. Once I saw the print, I loved it! It’s a pretty turquoise with a small pattern in a wrap style dress. It fit well and I loved the three quarter sleeve look. Perfect for fall! Verdict: Kept!Item #2: Fun2Fun Enid V-Neck Top. This was one of my favorite prints from the box! It’s a pretty blue and cranberry floral print v neck top that’s perfect for work. It goes great with jeans as well. Verdict: Kept! IMG_5820.JPG

Item #3: Papermoon Jerrard Heathered Open Front Cardigan. I have several open front cardigans but not in this color or material. It’s a thicker sweater like material in a neutral gray/black color. My stylist recommended that I pair it with the dress, but I didn’t like the mix of the patterns/colors. However, I will wear this frequently this fall…it goes with lots of colors! Verdict: Kept! (Are you noticing a pattern here, ha!)


Item #4: Ijoah Zada Knit Top. I love this super soft, comfy striped top in gray and blue stripes with coral sleeves! Such a pretty color combo and goes great with jeans! Verdict: Kept, of course!


Item #5: Octavia Barry Striped Infinity Scarf. I love the lightness of this infinity scarf! It’s a cream colored scarf with mint and gray stripes! Love it! It’s perfect for fall but also for winter. Verdict: Kept!


I was surprised but very happy that I really liked all five items and decided to keep all of them. If you purchase everything in your box, you get a 25% discount off the total box! Great deal! However, if there are items you don’t like, just send them back in the postage paid mailer. Initially, you pay a $20 styling fee but the fee goes towards any items you purchase from your box. If you are interested in scheduling your own fix, click here! This is a referral link…if you sign up, I get a Stitch Fix credit:) Please let me know if you have any questions about Stitch Fix! I highly recommend it and plan on ordering more fixes in the near future:)

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